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The Vipra Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a global platform that brings entrepreneurs & industrialists together to facilitate intra & inter-industry networking, creates mutual co-operation & support, it provides services that augment business and create the identity of a strong Vipra business community. VCCI will provide small & medium sized companies the opportunity to easily network and associate with larger companies and bring the mega-corporations closer to like-minded professionals. Above all, our members will walk hand in hand to share their succss and uplift the Brahmin community at large.


  • To create a global platform of Vipra Businessmen, industrialist and professionals by way of establishing a global network of country wise, state wise, city & area wise chapters, and by way of creating global directories & database.
  • To create mutual co-operations & support.
  • To find out new horizons & opportunities to create employment for Vipra Youth Women.
  • To provide service to its members through dissemination of information, publications, special studies and through activities like organizing business delegations, seminars, conferences, conclave, summits and training programmes.
  • The chamber will also provide labour and staffing advisory services for its members.
  • Other services will include visa facilitation services to its members and issue of non-preferential certificates of origin.

Benefiting the Society & You

  • Business networking & promotion among Brahmins through membership to the network of chapters around the world.
  • Supporting the Brahmin community by promoting employment of Vipra youth & women among the members.
  • Meetings, seminars & workshops organised by the Chamber will provide business insight and facilitate the conception & execution of progressive ideas.
  • Lectures and discussions from highly successful business gurus will help maintain an intellectual freshness in an otherwise stressful industry.
  • Regular employee training & development programmes will help maintain workforce vitality.
  • Meetings with visiting delegations, Consular Corps and dignitaries from abroad will ensure that we are up to date with the world and help cement business relationships throughout the world.
  • Visa recommendation letter to Embassies and Consulates for grant of Visa for overseas business travel.
  • Certificate of export documentation and endorsement(Certificate of Origin)and Labour & Staffing advisory services to enhance the opportunities of employment of Vipra members.


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Benefits of Membership
  • 1. Business Networking & promotion among Brahmins through membership to the network of chapters, where each chapter will have at least 6 meetings in a year(at least one in 2 calendar months) which will be in a form of Interactive Meeting, budget & Legal awareness Meetings, Seminars & Workshop etc. At least one hour in each meeting will be allotted for the interaction and networking of the members in each meeting.
  • 2. Networking Opportunities and Connectivity among members through (V2V) VCCI Mobile app and members directory.
  • 3. Support to your own community by way of promoting employment to Vipra Youth & Women among the members.
  • 4. Complimentary copy of the Periodic Newsletter for update on Business related matters.
  • 5. Opportunity to participate in Meetings, Seminars, Workshops organised by the Chamber.
  • 6. Participate in lectures and discussion meetings on subjects of topical interest.
  • 7. Participate in lectures and discussion meetings on subject of topical interest.
  • 8. Visa recommendation letter to Embassies’ and Consulates for grant of Visa for overseas business travel.
  • 9. Certificate of export documentation and endorsement (Certificate of Origin)
  • 10. Labour & Staffing Advisory services ( To enhance the opportunities of Employment to Vipra Youth and Professionals)
Criteria to become a member

Except membership at the time of the formation of a New Chapter, the membership to any VCCI Chapter is by invitation only. Membership of any new member has to be recommended by at least two existing members before it is considered by the Managing Committee of the Chapter.

Criteria to open a chapter
A Minimum of 21 Members are required for starting a new Chapter to get recognition from VCCI and though no bar on maximum membership.
Open to
  • Any firm, body corporate or society engaged or interested in any business, trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, profession or vocation owned fully or partly by a Vipra/ Brahmin shall be eligible for election as a member under various membership categories
  • Professional Service Companies, Chartered Accountants, Consultancy Firms, Lawyers & Law Firms, Management Consultancy Firms & Consultants etc.
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Representative Offices of International Company
  • Companies / Firms Registered with Registrar of Companies
  • Trading Companies, Partnership or proprietary Firms
  • Trade & Industry Associations / Chambers of Commerce / EPCs / Educational Institutions / Co-Operative Societies
Membership Category

Membership will be divided in 3 Categories:

Members : Small enterprises who will be members of Chapters

Apex Members : Medium Size enterprise, who will also enjoy membership in apex body in addition to the chapter

Apex Patron Members : Large & Big Enterprises, who will enjoy the membership on Chapter as well as on apex body.

Membership Fee
Table heading Annual Entrance(One Time)
Members 5,000 1,000
Apex Members 20,000 3,000
Apex Patron Members 50,000 5,000

V2V Mobile App

VCCI's first initiative brings Businessmen and Professionals from all over the world together under the single umbrella of a vast database to simplify, promote and develop business relationships among Vipras globally.

Will provide opportunities to small and medium sized companies to easily network and associate with larger companies and above all the members will walk hand in hand towards success.

To seek out new horizons of business opportunities, create platforms for employment.

  • It's user friendly
  • A platfrom for business growth
  • Wide scope of higher reach
  • High level of communication
  • Connect with new opportunities

Now don't miss out on a single event and stay connected to every member of your team. You can also get in touch with a member to connect with a business contact of their. The app contains every details of the app members and it lets you reach them instantly with opportunities to grow with them. Search the members and add them to your contact

  • Only registered members are allowed to Login.
  • Log in will need a valid phone number for OTP check in
  • Members Directory with smart search (Search by name, profession, business name etc)
  • Members Professional details (Business / Profession name, Business Category, Company name, address, contact no.s etc) as well as relevant personal details to be shown
  • Business Connect provided by the Members can help other member to associate with other companies or person for the growth of their business
  • Opportunities to post business requirement for self or others in details
  • Get members Social Media connects (Facebook, G+, Twitter, Linkedin etc)
  • Add Members Contact from App to Address Book
  • Leadership Team details
  • Events (details about weekly meeting, presentations, birthday, anniversaries, and other events)
  • Birthday/Anniversaries – Get notifications of members' birthday,anniversary
  • Push Notifications sent by Admin for various events and announcements
  • Auto Push Notifications : announcing Birthdays, Anniversaries and events for the day
Add any requirement of product / service / manpower etc you are looking for yourself or any of your acquaintances. Post here for group members to connect and provide

Business Connect

What is a Business Connect ?
A Business Connect is any well know / influential / popular individuals you know

Why do i add my connects here ?
At different times, we keep on looking for a person who is "connected" to any one we know for eg : if we are looking to buy / sell / any other purpose, for a "connection" in ITC we ask for him within our circle
Now if someone already knows say a senior ITC official, he can add him as a "connect" here Someone looking for a connect in ITC will search here and request the person who has added him, to get him connected.

Is it obligatory on my part to connect ?
No, This is your discretion

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