Benefits of Membership

  • Business Networking & promotion among Brahmins through membership to the network of chapters, where each chapter will have at least 6 meetings in a year(at least one in 2 calendar months) which will be in a form of Interactive Meeting, budget & Legal awareness Meetings, Seminars & Workshop etc. At least one hour in each meeting will be allotted for the interaction and networking of the members in each meeting.
  • Networking Opportunities and Connectivity among members through (V2V) ViCCI Mobile app and members directory.
  • Support to your own community by way of promoting employment to Vipra Youth & Women among the members.
  • Complimentary copy of the Periodic Newsletter for update on Business related matters.
  • Opportunity to participate in Meetings, Seminars, Workshops organised by the Chamber.
  • Participate in lectures and discussion meetings on subjects of topical interest.
  • Participate in lectures and discussion meetings on subject of topical interest.
  • Visa recommendation letter to Embassies’ and Consulates for grant of Visa for overseas business travel.
  • Certificate of export documentation and endorsement (Certificate of Origin)
  • Labour & Staffing Advisory services ( To enhance the opportunities of Employment to Vipra Youth and Professionals)

Criteria to become a member

Except membership at the time of the formation of a New Chapter, the membership to any ViCCI Chapter is by invitation only. Membership of any new member has to be recommended by at least two existing members before it is considered by the Managing Committee of the Chapter.

Criteria to open a chapter

A Minimum of 21 Members are required for starting a new Chapter to get recognition from ViCCI and though no bar on maximum membership.

Open to

  • Any firm, body corporate or society engaged or interested in any business, trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, profession or vocation owned fully or partly by a Vipra/ Brahmin shall be eligible for election as a member under various membership categories
  • Professional Service Companies, Chartered Accountants, Consultancy Firms, Lawyers & Law Firms, Management Consultancy Firms & Consultants etc.
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Representative Offices of International Company
  • Companies / Firms Registered with Registrar of Companies
  • Trading Companies, Partnership or proprietary Firms
  • Trade & Industry Associations / Chambers of Commerce / EPCs / Educational Institutions / Co-Operative Societies

Membership Category

Membership will be divided in 3 Categories:

  • Members : Small enterprises who will be members of Chapters
  • Apex Members : Medium Size enterprise, who will also enjoy membership in apex body in addition to the chapter
  • Apex Patron Members : Large & Big Enterprises, who will enjoy the membership on Chapter as well as on apex body.

Membership Fee

Table heading Annual Entrance(One Time)
Members 5,000 1,000
Apex Members 20,000 3,000
Apex Patron Members 50,000 5,000